mutley manor - dog grooming in cardiff    
  mutley manor - dog grooming in cardiff    
  mutley manor - dog grooming in cardiff    

mutley manor - dog grooming in cardiff  

We are your local dog groomer and our love of animals has made us one of
the finest and most caring dog grooming establishments in Cardiff.

As part of our dog grooming service we also offer free collection and delivery
for your convenience of which we are fully licensed. We only use top quality hypoallergenic products, to ensure your dogs well being in a relaxed and
caring environment.

While your dog is being groomed, he/she will be fully shampooed, hand dried
and with no cage drying involved, they are pampered with only them in mind.
There nails are clipped and ears and eyes also cleaned during the process.

After all this, they are then clipped to your preference.

Let us know if you want us to pamper your much loved dog...
We always make sure that the utmost care and love is given during the
grooming of our clients loved's what we do best!!
Hope to speak to you soon!!


Julie Jackson is your local dog groomer, her love
of animals has made her pursue a career in dog grooming.
"I’m a qualified dog groomer who likes to work
on a one to one basis to ensure your dog receives
the 5 star attention he/she deserves, and with
the limited amount of dogs I groom each day, it eliminates the stress of being surrounded by others".

"Dog grooming to me is a passion not a career, therefore no dogs are muzzled".

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